Traffic Generation


Important Traffic Generation


If you want to be successful it is important to generate sufficient traffic to your website, blog, profile, etc. Not every web technique and strategy works for each individual. It is important for you to choose the right solution and that is where AdverCenter comes in.


Our Traffic Generation solution will boost your stats and increase traffic to your website considerably.


Our low-cost solution consists of two main points:


>Below the site


The idea of Below the site is to showcase your website under a site visited by the user. Our solution enables “smart” features that make sure your website appears ONLY under sites with similar center of interest for the user as your website. This way we improve the quality of the users that visit your website.


>The Approval click


The Approval click is developed in the sense of a contest or lottery grid.  The user is presented with an array of banners – some for becoming your partner as well as a blank banner.  The user must click to confirm their participation. If the user clicks on the partner banner they are redirected to your website.


The Traffic Generation solution brings you vital benefits, such as:


>the ability to achieve large volumes of clients in a short time

>considerably increased visibility for your brand

>significantly low traffic acquisition costs

>very important traffic generation



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