Collecting Leads


Collecting Improved Leads


Using a Customer Survey allows you to collect very high quality leads if you have done it right. AdverCenter can help you make the lead collecting process a 100% customizable, allowing you to decide what information you want collected from the different clients. We develop the mechanics for lead collecting with you so we can offer you the best quality leads for your business.



We acquire improved leads by:


  • Setting up filters, such as: man, more than 25 years, owner and so on.
  • In addition to the standard fields we define custom fields you want to add, such as zip code, title, city, and date of birth, email, weight, phone, educational level, marital status and more.
  • Keeping our clients informed on the filter and qualifying questions helps us stick to their core targets.
  • An email of your choice is routed automatically when the collection is made.



Through our partners we offer users, who have already made a purchase on an e-commerce website, to receive your offers. That enables us to collect more valuable and reliable leads for your business.


AdverCenter’s Improved Leads solution is a very efficient and quick way for collecting large amounts of quality leads for our clients.


In order to maintain optimal quality of the leads we deliver we limit the number of sponsors for each of these operations. This way we provide advertisers with a lack of competition and a chance to have unique leads in their section.


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