Search Marketing


Our Search Marketing solution helps you optimize your expenses for Google Adwords by directing your attention to your products to maximize your return on investment.


Google recommends that you create at least one Keyword per product in your Catalog and redirect Ads to the pages concerning that product. Following Google’s advice is impossible without having an automated process of creating and managing Adwords ads.


This is where our solution comes in:


We propose a solution to increase the performance – pay per view.


We generate your Adwords campaign (under the guidance of Google of course) from your product catalog (CSV format).


In just a few minutes you can generate a minimum of one ad and one keyword per product of your Catalog and redirect these ads to the right page. That is an easy and effective way, and at no extra cost, for you to create multiple ads for each of your products!


Our solution will help you increase your chances of being seen at the right time by a user in the buying process, while reducing your keywords acquisition costs – thanks to our Purchase Keyword Tool.


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