Emailing Performance


Better Emailing Performance


AdverCenter presents to your attention The Emailing Performance solution.


By using our bases you can acquire new customers and increase your sales.  Our highly developed databases allow targeted emails with several payment methods included (CPM, CPMO, CPL).  AdverCenter’s databases are designed to fit e-commerce websites exclusively and we have applied the most-strict rules of privacy and deliverability.  Our main goal is to ensure the highest quality emailing performance and the best return on your investment.


The strong foundation of our program allows us to work with detailed segments like gender, age, interest, occupation and so on.


AdverCenter offers several methods of payment, depending on the operations and goals, always oriented towards better performance:


  • The CPMO(cost per mail opened) method helps put an end to bases with less than 5% rate. Thanks to CPMO you only pay users after they have opened your email.  Our solution helps increase your visibility and improve your image.
  • The PPC (also known as Pay-Per-Click) method lets you highlight a particular promotion and increase the traffic to your site. AdverCenter suggests you pay only for clicks in your email ads. In this case a click in the email will correspond to a visit to your site.
  • The CPL (cost per lead) and CPA methods help you improve your performance (number of subscribers or number of sales) and generate guaranteed returns on your online advertising.  We are open to any proposal you may have to help you in using one of these methods.


Our specialized professional teams are eager to assist you in creating email kits for your campaigns to provide you with efficient ways of attracting new customers and improving your visual performance.


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